Growth of voluntary organizations in Bangladesh is unique.  The first generation workers in these organizations were the committed group of people who sacrificed their professional life to work for the benefit of the society.  As NGOs have grown in number, there is an immense demand for professional workers in this sector.  Our MDS is designed to supply the professional staff for national and international NGOs.

The MDS program includes some unique courses in order to create management skills and to develop ability to analyze a society. The courses are designed to help them assess the need of the society, develop and design programs and projects, and also monitor and evaluate development programs.

Eligibility for Admission

  1. A Bachelor degree(Hons.) in economics with CGPA of not less than 2.0 or equivalent or at least a Second Class Master degree from a recognized university with basic courses in economics and business studies.
  2. Two/three-year Bachelor Degree(pass) holders, in a variety of fields, are also eligible for admission without the benefit of waivers.
  3. Must pass the university admission test.
  4. Applicants with at least two years experience in a public, private or NGO sector  program/project shall get priority in admission.


3 Foundation Courses 9 Credits
6 Core Courses 18 Credits
3 Specialization Courses 9 Credits
1 Course (Thesis) 3 Credits
Total 13 Courses 39 Credits

 Students of the MDS Program can choose one of the following 4 areas of concentration

  • Evaluation and Design
  • Development Management
  • Development Policy
  • Development Services


A maximum of three courses(9 credits) from the list of foundation courses may be waived by the course advisor and the head of the department provided the following criteria are met: (a) the same or equivalent courses were successfully completed from a recognized university prior to admission at UIU, and (b) one course based on hands-on practical experience in a program of socio-economic development in the public, private or NGO sector.


Qualifying Grade: Minimum CGPA 2.0

Credits Requirements: 36 credits of courses + 3 credits of field/project work.

Residency Requirements: 18 credits