The landscape of development world is changing. Development paradigm is continuously under pressure of shifting. Education for Sustainable Development has emerged as a paradigm for revising and reorienting today’s education. Development world demands new knowledge and leadership with adequate capacities. Challenges of universities are to ensure offering quality higher education along with interdisciplinary research.

The Masters in Development Studies at UIU, started since 2009, with a commitment to contribute in producing young professionals with capacity of interdisciplinary knowledge and skills to response to the growing demand of professionals in government, NGO and private sectors in Bangladesh. UIU designed its MDS program in such a way that ensures international standard and within affordability. The courses help students in assessing needs of the society, and develop, design, monitor and evaluate development programs and projects. Emphasis is given on knowledge generation in sustainable development.

Special features of UIU MDS program: Students have scope of engaging in collaborative research projects; present papers in International Conference on Sustainable Development held in every February at UIU; produce and publish articles jointly with UIU Faculty; build networks with development actors through participation in forums of MDS program of UIU.

Eligibility for Admission: Applicants with at least two years experience in a public, private or NGO sector program/project shall get priority in admission.

Tuition Fees, waiver and scholarship policy:  UIU charges Tuition Fees for MDS program @Tk.3700 per Credit. The MDS students who have been working in government, semi government and NGOsector having a minimum of 5 (five) years’ experience will be entitled to 40% tuition fee waiver. Top 20% of UIU students get 25% to 100% tuition fee waiver on the basis of trimester examination results.


MDS Program Structure: There are three foundation courses, six core courses, two elective courses and thesis or two selective courses.


Structure of Syllabus of MDS program

Title Number of Courses Number of Credits
Core Courses 9 27
Elective Courses 2 6
Thesis/ two Elective Courses* 1/2 6
Total 12/13 39

*Students must take two Elective Courses in addition to two [general] elective courses if do not opt for Thesis.



Qualifying Grade: Minimum CGPA of 2.00

Credits Requirements:  33 credits of courses + 6 credits of Thesis = Total 39 Credits

Residency Requirements: 18 credits

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Diploma in Development Studies on China:
Government, Policies, Business and Culture


The landscape of development world is changing fast. Development paradigm is continuously under pressure of shifting. Development world demands new knowledge and leadership with adequate capacities. Challenges of universities are to ensure offering quality higher education along with interdisciplinary research. UIU, in this line, offers Master in Development Studies (MDS) program that ensures international standard and within affordability. Our aim is to give students the tools necessary to navigate a sustainable development.

But, there are further demands for training and education in the development world which are beyond reach of the MDS program of UIU. One of the fields is studying China to understand philosophy; forms; policies and development models. These new fields have appeared in surface through the processes of recent progress in the diplomatic ties between Bangladesh and China, which generated scope and opportunities of business, cooperation in the fields of education and research, building collaborative initiatives of trade and commerce and industries.

In moving China-Bangladesh relations forward, the key challenge is to increase ‘understanding’ China –Economy, History, Administration and Government, Business Policies and Practices, Higher Education System, Chinese People and their Culture and so on. One big challenge for Bangladesh is to increase exports to China for which negotiations are crucial that China should relax market access terms, such as rules of origin for Bangladeshi products, and the latter should diversify its exports basket to access trillions of dollars worth Chinese consumer markets. This is also important to watch the two countries’ – Bangladesh and China- investment relations.

Given Bangladesh’s steady economic growth and urbanization, business partnership with China, the country, especially the business and knowledge sectors need to develop knowledge, skills, understanding and research capacity on China. Globally, China is now the second largest source of outward investment and is projected to become the biggest source by 2020. The challenge is to avail these opportunities for the interests of Bangladesh.

Grounding on this background and considering the commitment and capacity of MDS program of the Department of Economics of UIU is convinced to offer a short course of Diploma in Development Studies on China: Government, Policies, Business, Culture and Language.

This Diploma Course is a 36-hour course. One 3.00-hour Class a week (on FRIDAY 9:30 am to 12:30 pm) for 12 weeks including Class Test, Mid-Term and Final Examinations.  Classes will start from March 18, 2017.

Course Contents: China, Population, Economy, History, Administration and Government. How to do business in/with China: Business Policies and Practices, Chinese People and their Culture and elementary language.

Session 1: China the Country Session 5: The People, their history and Culture
Session 2: History Session 6: Culture The Economy, its success from an underdeveloped to a Middle income country, from a closed economy to an open economy, from agricultural economy to an industrial economy, building a harmonious society.
Session 3: Administration, Government and Elections Session 7: Understanding the future of China as a Global Actor (Trade, Investment and Politics).
Session 4: Area, Population, the Topography Session 8 – 12: How to do business in/with China: Business Policies, practices and legal compliance.



Mode of Operation: A highly experienced team of Full Time and Adjunct Faculty Members of MDS program under the Dept. of Economics is responsible to coordinate, manage and administer this Diploma Course.  Current Team members are Dr. Hamidul Huq, Professor, Department of Economics (Coordinator), Dr. Salehuddin Ahmed, Specialist on China (Adjunct faculty) and Dr. Shamsun Nahar Ahmed, Specialist on China (Adjunct faculty). Faculty members of UIU, having specialization on China, are also invited to give lectures in this course. Experts from Embassy of China in Dhaka and China-Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industries are invited as Resource Persons. UIU offers this diploma course once in each Trimester.

This Diploma Course is suitable for the graduates of all disciplines, young professionals of business world, entrepreneurs, government young professionals, journalists, and business and policy researchers.

Course Fees: UIU charge Tk.20, 000 (Twenty thousand) only per person for this Diploma Course. UIU students/graduates/employees are provided with 25% waiver.

Contact: Dr. Hamidul Huq, Professor, Master in Development Studies (MDS) program, Department of Economics, School of Business & Economics, United International University (UIU), House 80, Road 8/A, Satmasjid Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209, Bangladesh. Email:
Tel: +88 02 9125913 – 6 (Extn. 614).