Course Features

Common Features of PGDHRM


Program Structure:

Each of the programs is structured to be completed within 22 weeks of study while each course is to be completed within 11 weeks of study. Each program consists of 6 (six) courses of 18 credit hours, each having 3 credits. Students are required to prepare a mandatory final project/thesis of three credits only for the PGDHRM program. The PGDHRM program also culminates with an oral comprehensive viva-voce to assess the students’ grasp of theoretical and practical issues identified in the final project/thesis.

Class Schedule:

Three classes preferably on Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be held in a week each with 3- hour duration at UIU campus.


Admission Fees: BDT 6,000
Tuition Fees: BDT 4,000 per course; total BDT 24,000 Discount: 20 % Discount on Tuition Fees for UIU students and BSHRM Members
Grading System: The program will follow the grading system as approved by UGC for the academic programs of UIU.