Credit Transfer Policy EMBA

Credit Transfer Policy for EMBA Program

(a) A student may apply credit transfer if the student attended EMBA program in a different institution.

(b) A student may apply for credit transfer for a maximum of 15 credit hours (5 courses).

(c) Credit transfer may be allowed if the student attained a minimum grade of B (at least 60% marks in traditional system) in a particular course.

(d) No credit transfer shall be allowed for courses other than the foundation level courses of EMBA program.

(e) The syllabus of previous EMBA program shall be considered by the committee for a credit transfer decision.

(f) Students may have to appear in a test to be conducted by the School of Business.

(g) Course transfer application must be made within 15 days after the beginning of the trimester in which the student got admitted into UIU. Students who will not apply for credit transfer within the stipulated time will not be granted any credit transfer later on.

(h) The decision of credit transfer committee shall be final.

Application for credit transfer must be made in the prescribed form along with the copy of academic transcript and the detailed syllabus of EMBA Program.