This program is comprised of 13 courses @ 3-credit hours; 6 of which are foundation, 4 core, 3 optional from a number of alternative courses and a project or dissertation equivalent to 6-credit hours. The break-up of the program is given below: 

6 (six) Foundation Courses @3 CH

4 (four) Core Courses @3 CH

3 (three) Optional Courses @3 CH

Dissertation/Project @3 CH                              

18 Credits

12 Credits

09 Credits

03 Credits 

Total 42 Credits



Code Foundation Courses (6 Courses) Credit
MIHRM 501 Fundamentals of Human Resource Management 3
MIHRM 502 Training and Development 3
MIHRM 503 Organization Design and Development 3
MIHRM 504 Compensation and Benefits Management 3
MIHRM 505 Performance Appraisal Management 3
MIHRM 506 Employee Relations and Employment Laws 3
Code Core Courses (4 Courses) Credit
MIHRM 602 Leadership and Change Management 3
MIHRM 704 Global Talent and Human Capital Management 3
MIHRM 706 Integrated Human Resource & Information System 3
MIHRM 708 Cross-Cultural Management 3
Code Optional Courses (Any 3 Courses) Credit
MIHRM 603 International Human Resource Management 3
MIHRM 604 Research Methods in Human Resource Management 3
MIHRM 701 Core-Competencies for HR Professionals 3
MIHRM 702 Strategic Management 3
MIHRM 703 Strategic Human Resource Management 3
MIHRM 705 Conflict Management and Negotiation 3
MIHRM 707 Diversity Management in Global Business 3
MIHRM 710 Accounting for Managerial Control 3
MIHRM 711 Employability Skills for Managerial Success 3
MIHRM 712 Human Resource Planning 3
MIHRM 713 Organization Behavior 3
MIHRM 714 Principles of Management 3
MIHRM 715 Industrial Relations 3
MIHRM 716 Industrial Safety and Health 3
MIHRM 717 Cases in Human Resource Management 3
MIHRM 718 HRM Practices in Bangladesh 3
MIHRM 719 Entrepreneurship Development 3
MIHRM 720 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 3
Code Compulsory-Dissertation/Project (Any one) Credit
MIHRM 800 Dissertation 3
MIHRM 801 Project 3



Each student will have to complete either dissertation or a project of 3-credit hour under the supervision of a course teacher. Students who are in service may submit organization-consulting project (OCP) in their own organizations. This project will provide opportunity to the students to apply their knowledge and skills developed during the program. The project usually will be of 3 to 4 months duration. This work experience helps them develop their technical, personal and key transferable skills while they gain a detailed insight into the dynamics of a particular business sector. In addition to academic supervision, project/dissertation may also be guided by an on-the-job mentor. The academic guide and the mentor may jointly monitor the progress of the students. Evaluation of academic supervisor/mentor will be considered in determining students’ grades.