Internship/Project Registration – Spring 2017

Publish Date : 2nd January, 2017


Internship/Project Registration

(Receiving Registration Slip through e-mail)

For  Spring 2017 Trimester


For Internship/Project registration (Receiving Registration Slip through e-mail) of Spring 2017 Trimester, concerned students are advised to contact the undersigned on January 24, January 25 & January 26, 2017 from 10:00 am to 04:00 pm.


Please note that:

Step # 1       Please come to UIU to do your registration (Receiving Registration Slip through e-mail) for Internship/Project. 

Step # 2       Open your new e-mail address created by UIU and change password immediately for its safety. (Sample e-mail address and password is attached herewith the notice)

Step # 3       Collect a form for choosing supervisor (if not collected and submitted yet) from office of the Director, BBA Program (Room # 304).

Step # 4       Fill up the form properly and submit it at the same office from which the form has been collected.





Mohammad Abul Basher

Assistant Registrar