MIHRM Program Advising Notice for Fall 2020 Trimester

Publish Date : 25th September, 2020



(Course & Section/Time Selection)


Website: ucam.uiu.ac.bd


Every student who wants to enroll for the Fall 2020 trimester is requested to complete their advising (course & section/time selection) process timely. The advising will continue from 26th September, 2020 (Saturday) to 07th October, 2020 (Wednesday). Students are advised to read the following instructions carefully.

*** Students who have not completed Foundation Course MIHRM 504: Compensation and Benefits Management yet now are highly recommended to take this course in this trimester.

** Incase, if you are eligible for waiver against a specific course(s), please do not select that course(s).

** Only final trimester students could enroll in the thesis/project.

** For more information about course advising please contact the MIHRM program office


Instructions for Advising (Course & Section/Time Selection) in U-CAM

All students are requested to complete their advising to following website.


How to Log in?

  1. Please visit uiu.ac.bd and type your Student Id as a login ID and PASSWORD.
  2. If you forget your password or never logged in before, click ‘forget password’ link and put your Student ID there. A link to reset your password will be sent to your official email address. You can reset your password from that link.
  3. Any course related problem, please contact- MIHRM Program Office (Room # 0201 & Email: alim@admin.uiu.ac.bd)


How to do Course selection (Pre-advising)?

  1. To do pre-advising for new courses, go to pre-advising (New courses) tab under registration
  2. To do pre-advising for retake courses, go to pre-advising (Retake courses) tab under registration menu.
  3. In both cases click “Click to Take” button to take a course and click “Click to Remove” button to remove a course that is already taken.


How to do Section/Time selection (Final-advising)?

  1. After Login, Go to Registration > Section Selection & Registration.
  2. Click “Take” button under “Section” column to select a section for respective course.
  3. To remove selected section click on the “Remove” button under “Section Remove”
  4. To change a select section click “Change” button under “Section” and then select a section   for respective course.


For any technical problem, please contact with the following:

Center for IT Services (CITS)

5th Floor (Room # 518 & 525)

Email: swteam@uiu.ac.bd

Hotline: 09604 UIU (848 848)

PBX: 1401-1404


Thanks & best regards

Md. Alim Al Razi

Executive, Office of the MIHRM Program, UIU