Faculty List

"Names are appeared in order of official rank and first alphabet of the last name"
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Jahan, Nusrat

Assistant Professor (Study Leave)Email : nusrat@bus.uiu.ac.bd
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Rahman, Shawkat Salim

Senior Lecturer (Study Leave)Email : shawkat@bus.uiu.ac.bd
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Ahshanullah, Mohammad

Asst. Professor (Study Leave)Email : ahshan@bus.uiu.ac.bd

Alam, Md. Nahid

Asst. Professor - AccountingEmail : nahid@bus.uiu.ac.bd

Alam, Mirza Mohammad Didarul

Asst. Professor - Marketing (Study Leave)Email : mirza@bus.uiu.ac.bd

Qamruzzaman, Md.

Asst. Professor - Finance (Study Leave)Email : qamruzzaman@bus.uiu.ac.bd

Siddique, Parag Jafar

Assistant Professor - Operations Management (On Study Leave)Email : parag@bus.uiu.ac.bd

Zaman, Fareen

Assistant Professor - Accounting (On-Leave)Email : fareen@bus.uiu.ac.bd

Farah, Sharmin

Lecturer - MIS (Study Leave)Email : farah@bus.uiu.ac.bd

Hai, Farzana Bintay

Lecturer - HRM (Study Leave)Email : farhai@bus.uiu.ac.bd

Haq, Kazi Sabrina

Lecturer -Sociology (Study Leave)Email : ksabrina@bus.uiu.ac.bd
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Jahan, Taslima

Lecturer - Business & Labour Law (On-Leave)Email : taslima@bus.uiu.ac.bd