Faculty Profile

Chowdhury, Amirul Islam, Ph.D.

ProfessorEmail : amirul@eco.uiu.ac.bd

Research Officer

Ministry of Finance

Government of Pakistan (former)

From June 1964 to April 1965

(Desk: capital market)


Lecturer in and Assistant Professor of Economics in Government Colleges

From 1st May 1965 to 31st December 1970


Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor (since 1987)

Department of Economics

Jahangirnagar University

From 1st January 1971 to October 2004

(I formally retired in June 30, 2002: and after that had a contact job till 10th October 2004)



Jahangirnagar University

From 18th July 1994 to 18th July 1998


Also Vice Chancellor,

Gano Bishyabidyalaya

(close to one year)



Board of Directors, Sonali Bank,

(9th August 2001—7th August 2002)


Professor of Economics

North South University

(from 10 October 2004 to 15th September 2009)

and also Dean, School of Business for almost a year

  1. B. A (Hons) in Economics 1961       Dhaka University, Dhaka
  2. M. A in Economics         1963     Dhaka University, Dhaka
  3. Ph. D in Economics         1979       University of Wales, UK
  4. Post-Doctoral Fellow       1987-88 Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi


Microeconomics/Public Finance/Urban Economics/History of Economic Ideas/ Development economics/Contemporary Economic Ideas/ Financial Intermediaries



Public Finance:                   Tax Reforms specially Value Added Tax

Urban Finance:                  Financing Urban Infrastructure

Local Government:           Structure, Governance, Finance and Decentralization

Local Government Finance: Local Taxes, Expenditures and Management

a.    Decentralization and Institution Restructuring – a case study of Bangladesh, in Governance—Partnership and Poverty, Workshop Report of The Commonwealth Secretariat and Centre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific, Dhaka, 2003.
b.    Credit Delivery for the Urban Poor in Bangladesh in Addressing the Urban Poverty in Bangladesh: Critical Issues and 1995 Survey Findings, edited by Nazrul Islam, Nurul Huda, G B Narayan and P B Rana, University Publishers Limited for Asian Development Bank (ADB), 1997.
c.    Resource Mobilization and Urban Governance in Bangladesh in Urban Governance in Bangladesh and Pakistan edited by Nazrul Islam and Mohammad Khan, Centre for Urban Studies (CUS), 1997.
d.    Urban Administrative Structure and Municipal Finance in The Urban Poor in Bangladesh, edited by Nazrul Islam, Centre for Urban Studies (CUS), 1996.
e.    Housing in Bangladesh—An Overview: Professor Akhlaqur Rahman Memorial Lecture sponsored by Bangladesh Economic Association. The lecture was published in its Journal, Bangladesh Journal of Political Economy, Vol. XIII, No. 1, 1995.
f.    Urban Economy in Bangladesh— A Review of Research, in Bangladesh: Review of Recent Trends and An Agenda for the 1990s, edited by Nazrul Islam, Centre for Urban Studies (CUS), 1994, Dhaka.
g.    Urban Administration and Finance—A Review of Research, in Bangladesh: Review of Recent Trends and An Agenda for the 1990s, edited by Nazrul Islam, Centre for Urban Studies (CUS), 1994, Dhaka.
h.    Urbanization and Urban Management in Bangladesh, in Bangladesh: Past Two Decades and the Current Decade, edited by Q K Ahmed, Bangladesh Unnayan Parishad (BUP), Academic Publishers, 1994, Dhaka.
i.    Urban Land Market in Bangladesh in Urban Land Management in Bangladesh edited by Nazrul Islam and Amirul Islam Chowdhury, Govt of Bangladesh, 1992.
j.    Post-doctoral research at the Centre for the Study of Regional Development (CSRD), Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, 1987-88. Area of Research: The Financing of Cities: a comparative study of cities in Bangladesh and India.
k.    Ph.D in (topic) Local Government Finance in Bangladesh. From University of Wales, United Kingdom. Completed in 1979.


Papers presented in Seminars (selected)

Presented a paper on Instruments of Local Financial Reform and their Impact on Service delivery –a Case Study of Bangladesh, in Sixth SANEI Annual Conference at New Delhi, India from 26th and 27th, 2004.

Education in Bangladesh—Is there a case for Consumers’ Protection Law?—Higher Education; a paper presented at the International Workshop on Consumer Rights in Bangladesh, Dhaka, January 12-13, 2003.

Decentralization and Institution Restructuring; a paper presented at the Regional Workshop from 14-17the December on Governance, Partnership and Poverty, sponsored by The Commonwealth Secretariat and CIRDAP, Dhaka on 16th December 2002.

Recent Attempts in Financing Urban Infrastructure; a paper presented at the Centre for Urban Studies (CUS) 30th Anniversary Conference Towards Liveable Cities, held at Dhaka on 1-2 November 2002.

Higher Education in Bangladesh: Present Peril and Future Promise, presented at the Seminar on Bangladesh on the Threshold of the Twenty-First Century arranged by Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, Dhaka, on 27th and 28th April 2000.

Private Universities in Bangladesh: Governance, quality of education and expectations, a paper presented at the National Seminar of Bangladesh University Grants Commission on 15th and 16th April, 2001, Dhaka.

State of Urban Infrastructure Financing in Bangladesh, a paper presented in the seminar on Infrastructure and Development arranged by Bangladesh Economic Association and Department of Economics, Jahangirnagar University on September 11, 1999.

Employment and Education, a paper presented in the National Seminar on ‘Bangladesh in the 21st Century: Socio-economic Perspective’, organizes by the Society for International Development (SID)-Bangladesh Chapter held on 27th November 1999 at Dhaka.

Higher Education in Bangladesh: Role of Private Universities in Bangladesh, a paper presented in a seminar jointly organized by North South University and American Chamber of Commerce in Bangladesh on 29th May, 1999, at Dhaka.

Dhaka City Corporation: Better Resource Management and Resource Mobilization through Good Governance, a paper presented at the Workshop on Solid Waste Management, Administration and Finance of Dhaka City Corporation on 7th December 1998, organised by Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (BCAS) and Centre for Urban Studies (CUS) with Dhaka City Corporation supported by Urban Management Programme, UPM, Asia.

Presented a country paper on Municipal Financing for Child Development in Kathmandu on 21st December-27th December 1994, sponsored by UNICEF.

Urbanization and Economic Consequences in Bangladesh, a paper presented in a seminar organised by Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS) in 1992.

Read a paper titled Caught in Quagmire: Review of Development Issues in Bangladesh in a Seminar arranged by Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies (BIISS), Dhaka on 19th August 1989.

Presented a Paper on Municipal Financing in Bangladesh in The National Institute of Public Finance and Policies, New Delhi in 1987.

Presented a paper on the Financing of Rural Housing in Bangladesh on 12th January 1980 at Dhaka in a Seminar on Rural Housing sponsored by UNDP, Dhaka.


Supervision of Research 

  1. Supervised a Ph. D student, Nawshad Ahmed on Municipal Finance in Bangladesh: An Investigation of Local Fiscal Management. The thesis was awarded the degree of Ph. D in 1995 from Jahangirnagar University.
  2. Supervised a Ph. D student, Golam Azam Azat on Value Added Tax and Resource Mobilization.

Editor and Editing

Urban Land Management in Bangladesh, edited jointly with Nazrul Islam, Government of Bangladesh, 1992.

Contemporary Issues in Development—essays in honour of Q K Ahmed, edited jointly with Asit K Boswas, J S A Brichieri-Colombi and K B Sajjadur Rasheed, BUP, Third World Centre for Water Management and Academic Press and Publishers, Dhaka, 2002

As one of the team members for the Center for Urban Studies in the study team of City Cluster Economic Development: Case Study: Dhaka Capital Region, Bangladesh sponsored by ADB 2009.

Preparing a Report on Bangladesh Urban Productivity on behalf of the PPRC, sponsored by the World Bank

Prepared five concept notes in the areas of Budgetary process and Oversight Mechanism of Bangladesh, for PROGOTI/USAID. Completed in 2009.

As ADB consultants : Contract No. S31921 : TA-4986 (BAN) : Preparing the Urban Primary Health Care Sector Development Program, 5th July 2010.

As ADB consultants : Contract No. S72020: TA-7354 (BAN) : Capacity Development of Urban Public and Environment Health. 11 April 2011.




Worked as Consultant for ARD, Local Government Initiative, USAID, on Union Parishad Finance Management, completed in 2005.

Worked as Consultant for ARD, Local Government Initiative (LGI), USAID on Fiscal Policy (local government) Reform (Policy Advocacy Project), Bangladesh, 2003.

Worked as Consultant for ARD, L G I, USAID on Political Mapping Policy: Decentralized Local Government Reform in Bangladesh, June-August, 03.

Worked as Chairman of a group of experts for the preparation of a Policy Brief on Local Government and Administration, Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD), Dhaka, 2003.

Worked as Consultant for UNDP, Bangladesh on An Overview of Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfers in Bangladesh under the Project Promoting Policy on Local Governance & Decentralization, October, 2002.

Worked as Consultant for a consulting firm: Project Economist in Urban Governance and Infrastructure Improvement Project (ADB TA 3690-BAN) on behalf of a firm, Asian Development Bank, 2002.

Worked as a Co-chairman of a Task Force Report on Policy Brief on Administrative Reform and Strengthening of the Local Government System, Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD), Dhaka, 2001.

Worked as Urban Governance and Finance Specialist in the Team of a consulting firm for the Preparation of Khulna City Master Plan, sponsored by Khulna Development Authority, Government of Bangladesh, 2000-2001.

Worked as Urban Governance and Finance Specialist in the Team of a consulting firm for the Preparation of Khulna City Master Plan, sponsored by Khulna Development Authority, Government of Bangladesh, 2000-2001.

Worked as Consultant for Asian Development Bank and prepared a Report on Micro Finance Programme for Urban Poverty Alleviation in Bangladesh, 1998.

Prepared a Policy Paper on Credit Delivery for the Urban Poor in Bangladesh for the National Study on Urban Poverty in Bangladesh sponsored by the Asian Development Bank and Government of Bangladesh, 1996.

Prepared a Country Report on Making Optimum Use of Municipal Budget to Finance Child Development, sponsored by the UNICEF, Bangladesh, 1994.

Member of the Study Team for a consulting firm (as Housing Finance Expert) for Housing Sector Institutional Strengthening Project sponsored by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Government of Bangladesh, 1993.

Worked as a consultant in the team for a consulting firm as Municipal Finance Specialist on Secondary Towns Infrastructure Development Project II, Bangladesh, sponsored by Asian Development Bank, 1993.

Worked as Municipal Finance Specialist in the Team for the preparation of Urban and Shelter Review of Bangladesh sponsored by the Government of Bangladesh and UNCHS/UNDP, 1993.

Worked as World Bank Consultant and prepared a Report on the Capabilities of Four Selected Municipalities to Finance Maintenance Cost of River Protection Scheme, 1992.

Prepared two separate Reports: (i) Municipal Finance Management Capabilities of Dhaka and Chittagong City Corporations and (ii) An Annotated Bibliography of Municipal Finance in Bangladesh as National Consultant on Municipal Finance sponsored by the Government of Bangladesh, 1992.

Worked as Urban Administration Specialist in the preparation of the 9 Sector Reports on The Urban Poor in Bangladesh for Centre for Urban Studies sponsored by UNICEF, Dhaka, 1990.

Worked as an Urban Economist for the Centre for Urban Studies in the preparation of a Report on the Evaluation of Grameen Bank’s Rural Housing Programme with UNDP funding, 1989. Published as a Monograph. The other consultants were Nazrul Islam and Khadem Ali.

Prepared a Country Review Paper for Bangladesh in Land and Human Settlement in Bangladesh, sponsored by UN-ESCAP, Bangkok, 1984.

Worked as Consultant to Population Council, New York and prepared a research Report on the Rural Works Programme in Bangladesh,

Worked as consultant (Public Finance) to UNDP, Bangladesh for three months to estimate existing and potential financial resources for implementing low-income community shelter improvement in selected urban centres in Bangladesh, 1980.

Worked as an Urban Economist in the Study team of Centre for Urban Studies (CUS) and prepared a Report on Urban Housing and Shelter Process in Bangladesh in 1980. The Government of Bangladesh sponsored the Study.



  1. Member, Dhaka Integrated Urban Transport Advisory Committee, Government of Bangladesh, Dhaka, 2004: still continuing.
  2. Member, National Education Committee, Government of Bangladesh, 1997.
  3. Chairman, Share Market Scam Inquiry Committee, Security Exchange Commission, Government of Bangladesh, 1997.
  4. Member, Local Government Structure Review Committee, Government of Bangladesh, 1991.
  5. Member, Poura (Municipal) Commission, Government of Bangladesh, 1992.
  6. Member, Dhaka Municipal Corporation Reorganization Committee, Government of Bangladesh, 1989.
  7. Member, Task Force on Social Implications of Urbanization, Planning Commission, Government of Bangladesh, 1990.
  • Member, Technical Management Committee, Dhaka Metropolitan Area Integrated Urban Development Project, 1980.

University Administration in Jahangirnagar University

(positions held at different time)

  1. Vice-chancellor from 1994-1998
  2. Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences
  3. Chairman, Department of Economics
  4. Member, Syndicate, Academic Council, Finance Committee


University Administration in Universities other than Jahangirnagar University (current)

  1. Member, Academic Council, North South University
  2. Member, Academic Council, Daffodil University
  3. Member, Syndicate, Begum Rokeya University, Rangpur
  4. Member, Finance Committee, Begum Rokeya University