Faculty Profile

Sarkar, James Bakul, Ph.D.

Associate Professor - Accounting & Deputy Director- BBA ProgramEmail : jmssarkar@bus.uiu.ac.bd

Serving as Deputy Director of BBA Program since October 12 2015.          

Assistant Professor: (6th October 2008 – To date)

School of Business,

United International University


Assistant Professor: (10th June 2007- 5th October 2008)

Faculty of Business Studies, Asa University Bangladesh

Also served as the Coordinator, MBA Program, ASAUB since September 2007 to September 2008.


Assistant Professor: (August 2006- 9th June 2007)

Department of Business Administration, Stamford University Bangladesh

Also served as the Head of the Accounting Discipline at Stamford University Bangladesh


Lecturer : (August, 2003- July 2006)

Department of Business Administration, Stamford University Bangladesh


Visiting Faculty: (March, 2008- May 2008)

School of Business, Bangladesh Open University


Visiting Faculty: (March, 2005- February 2007)

Department of Business Administration, South East University


Visiting Faculty: (August 2005- November 2005)

Department of Business Administration, Asian University


Lecturer : (August, 2002- August, 2003)

Department of Accounting, Dhaka City College,


Part-time Lecturer: (June, 2001-September 2001)

Department of Accounting, Dhaka City College,


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  15. Karim, R., Sarkar, J.B. & Fowzia, R., “Corporate Governance Practices in Bangladesh: An Empirical Investigation with a Special Reference to SEC Corporate Governance Guidelines”, accepted and to be published at ASA University Bangladesh Review in any of the upcoming issues.



  1. Sarkar, J.B. & Yeshmin, F. (2009), Accounting Principles, 3rd E, Brothers Publications.
  2. Sarkar, J.B. & Mamun, Md. H. A. (2009), A Multi-disciplinary approach to Cost-volume-profit analysis, 1st E, Brothers Publication.

Currently working on

  1. Virtual Banking in Bangladesh: Pitfalls & Potentials
  2. Forensic Accounting: Bangladesh perspective

Professional Training:

  1. Tally ees 6.3 (February -March 2005)
  2. SPSS (July-August 2007)

PGDRM, 2009: Completed 4 courses at United International University

Master of Business Administration, 2002: Department of Accounting & Information System, Faculty of Business Studies, Dhaka University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Earned 48 credits, CGPA-3.42 on a scale of 4.

Bachelor of Business Administration, 2001: Department of Accounting & Information System, Faculty of Business Studies, Dhaka University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Earned 120 credits, CGPA- 3.95 (3rd position) on a scale of 4.


  1. Seminar on “Enterprise Resource Planning” conducted by United International University, 21st November, 2009.
  2. Seminar on “Supply Chain Management” conducted by ASA University Bangladesh, 26th July, 2008
  • International seminar on “Corporate Social Responsibility in Bangladesh: Current Issues and Future Trends”, conducted by the Centre for Management Development, IUBAT, June 28, 2008.
  1. Seminar on “Fair disclosure and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act” conducted by City University, February 2008.
  2. International conference on “Transparency, Accountability and the Accountant”, conducted by the ICMAB, July 27-28, 2007.
  3. Workshop on, “Risk Management & Disclosure Requirement of Banks under Basel-II Regime: the Role of Management Accountants”, conducted by the ICMAB, July 5, 2007.
  • Guest series lecture on,” Essential prerequisites for a successful business executive”, conducted by: Sayyed Husain Jamal, Managing Director, Vanik Bangladesh Limited, 6th March 2004.
  • Workshop on Teachers’ training program, Stamford University Bangladesh, conducted by: Pro-VC Prof. Jamal Uddin Ahmed, 23rd August 2003.
  1. Seminar on Motivational training program, LID (Learn, Implement & Develop), Ahsania Mission Auditorium, 19th September 2003

Acting as an expert in the recruitment procedures of Bangladesh International School, Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Ph:0189-283582