Faculty Profile

Toufique, Mohammad Mokammel Karim

Asst. Professor & CoordinatorEmail : mokammel@eco.uiu.ac.bd

Master of Public Policy

Concentration: Development Economics, Environmental Policy

University of Maryland-College Park, School of Public Policy, Maryland, USA


Master of Social Science

Specialization: Economics – 1st Class, 1st Position,

University of Dhaka, Department of Economics, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Bachelor of Social Science

Specialization: Economics, 1st Class, 1st Position

University of Dhaka, Department of Economics, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Higher Secondary Certificate, 1997

Faujdarhat Cadet College (1st Division, Star Marks)


Secondary School Certificate, 1995

Faujdarhat Cadet College, (1st Division, Star Marks)


Development Economics

Institutional Economics

Family Economics



GOOGLE SCHOLAR CITATIONS:       8 (h-index 2)

William David Schaefer Scholarship, School of Public Policy, University of Maryland – College Park,
Graduate School Fellowship, University of Maryland – College Park, USA.
Sushikkha Barsha Gold Medal, 2003. Received from the Prime Minister of Bangladesh.
M. N. Huda Gold Medal – University of Dhaka, 2004
Dutch Bangla Bank Foundation Scholarship, 2003 and 2004
Enayet Karim Memorial Scholarship, University of Dhaka, 2001 and 2002
Government Stipend, 1995 and 1997

Assistant Professor Sept. 2012 – Present
Department of Economics, United International University Dhaka, Bangladesh
Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator, Department of Economics, Southeast University
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Senior Lecturer, Department of Economics, Stamford University Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Lecturer, Department of Economics, University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh
International Economics Intern, Environmental Defense Fund, Washington DC, USA
Teaching Assistant, Department of Economics and School of Public Policy, UMD, Maryland, USA
Consultant, United Nations University – World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNUWIDER),
Helsinki, Finland
Consultant, Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK
Research Associate, Unnayan Shamannay, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Research Associate, Bureau of Economic Research, University of Dhaka


Published (12):
International (4):
1. Energy Smoke and Mirrors in Maryland – Problems of Existing Policies and the Need to
Rethink Maryland’s Electric Power Future. Research Paper, Coauthor. Maryland School of
Public Policy, USA. Available online. September, 2011.
2. Trade Liberalization and Poverty Linkage: A Case Study of the Cellular Phone Sector in
Bangladesh (Coauthor). Chapter 3 in ‘Trade-Development-Poverty Linkages: Reflections
from Selected Asian and Sub-Saharan African Countries, Volume II – Sector Case Studies’
edited by Selim Raihan and Mohammad A. Razzaque. CUTS International, India. 2008.
3. Does Women’s Status Matter for Food Security? Evidence from Bangladesh (Coauthor).
Research Paper No. 2007/79. United Nations University-World Institute for Development
Economics Research (UNU-WIDER). 2007.
4. Domestic Violence against Women: Implications for Intra-Household Resource Allocation
(Coauthor). Research Paper No. 2007/80. United Nations University-World Institute for
Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER). 2007.
Local (8):
1. Conservation of Royal Bengal Tigers in Bangladesh: Incorporating Economic Approaches.
Southeast University Journal of Arts and Social Sciences. Vol I, No. I, p. 50-59. December
2. Ship-Breaking Industry in Bangladesh: Resolving the Policy Dilemma (Author). Bangladesh
University Journal. Vol 2 No. I, p. 1-11. December 2014.
3. Determinants and Impacts of Empowerment of Married Women. Stamford Journal of
Economics, Vol I, No I. December 2014.
4. Validity of the Center-Periphery Linkage in the Economy of Bangladesh: An Empirical
Investigation (Coauthor). Bangladesh Economic Journal, V II, Issue II, p. 66-74. December
5. Health, Physical Activity and Intra-Household Food Allocation: Revisiting the Evidence of
Gender Discrimination (Coauthor). Chapter 7 in ‘Poverty, Intra-Household Distribution and
Gender Relations in Bangladesh : Evidence and Policy Implications’ edited by Mohammad A.
Razzaque, Bazlul H. Khondker and Selim Raihan .The University Press Limited, Dhaka.
6. Allocation of Resources on Addictive Goods and Eating outside Home: the Effect of
Women’s Bargaining Power (Coauthor). Chapter 10 in ‘Poverty, Intra-Household
Distribution and Gender Relations in Bangladesh : Evidence and Policy Implications’ edited
by Mohammad A. Razzaque, Bazlul H. Khondker and Selim Raihan .The University Press
Limited, Dhaka. 2011.
7. Non-Traditional Exports: A Brief Review of Some Selected Sector-Specific and General
Constraints (Coauthor). Chapter 5 in ‘Trade and Industrial Policy Environment in Bangladesh
with Special Reference to Some Non-Traditional Export Sectors’ edited by Mohammad A.
Razzaque and Selim Raihan. Pathak Shamabesh, Dhaka. 2007.
8. Married Women’s Labor Supply Decision: the Factors Behind (Author). Bangladesh Journal
of Political Economy. Vol 24 No. 1&2, p. 617-642. 2008.
Newspaper Articles (4):
1. 2001, September 05. To the ‘Victim of Fun and Freedom’. Bangladesh Observer, p. 5.
2. 2001, October 15. Political Reform Indispensable for Bangladesh. Bangladesh Observer, p. 3.
3. 2001, December 12. Woman’s Rank in the Family. Bangladesh Observer, p. 5.
4. 2004, May 10. A Shorter Term Parliament can bring Political Stability. Daily Ittefaq, p. 5.

Work in Progress and/or Unpublished (4):
1. Dynamic Inconsistency of the Caretaker Government System in Bangladesh. Available upon
2. The Population Dynamics of the State of Maryland. Available upon request.
3. Ecological Economics – Abridging the Gap between Ethics and Conventional Economics.
Available upon request.
4. The Economics of Deposit-Refund System: The Case of Bottle Bills in the United States and the
Lessons for Bangladesh. Available upon request.

Graduate Level:
1. Econometrics I (ECO 572)
2. Behavioral and Institutional Economics (ECO 627)

Undergraduate Level:
1. Econometrics (ECON 401)
2. Concave Programming and Dynamic Methods (ECO 4374)
3. Development Economics (ECO 3350)
4. International Trade and Finance (ECO 3328)
5. Intermediate Micro Theory II (ECO 3303)
6. Mathematics for Economics I (ECO 1303)
7. Mathematics for Economics II (ECO 2303)
8. Statistics for Economics I (ECO 1334)
9. Statistics for Economics II (ECO 1374)
10. Microeconomics (ECO 1303)