Message from Dean


Prof. Dr. Abul Hasnat Md. Golam Azam

With seventy students and the motto – excellence in education – the School of Business at UIU started its journey thirteen years ago. Now it is one of the premier business schools in the nation.

We offer baccalaureate degree programs in various fields of business and economics, and masters programs in  Business Administration, Economics, and Development Studies. Our graduates are highly successful in embarking on the career of their choice.

Business has the power of transforming lives, which is evident in the huge leap our country has taken to overcome the perception of being an international basket case and become one of the top emerging economies. The field of business is also transforming. In this age of globalization and rapid changes in technology, there has been a shift in the way business is conducted.  Business programs have to adjust their curriculum to reflect the changing business needs. At UIU, our curriculum and course content goes beyond the usual to accommodate these changes.  No wonder our students are highly sought after candidates for employment in the private sector.

Besides regular course work, our students get ample opportunities to conduct research.   They can participate in research projects undertaken by the faculty. This year the faculty at the School of Business and Economics received several research grants under  the UIU’s in-house research grant program.

An educational program cannot fulfil its promise if it is not diverse and inclusive. Last trimester, we offered BDT 110 million in scholarships so that opportunities are not denied to deserving young minds. We consider this our responsibility to the society at large.

To complement academic activities, we have a host of clubs and forums where students can explore and hone their talents in extracurricular activities.

Currently, we are passing through an exciting time of expansion.  We shall host our first international conference on sustainable development in February, 2017. Over the next few years we shall increase our student body and expand the size of our faculty.  Above all we shall move to our new campus with all amenities needed for a wonderful learning and growing experience.

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Prof. Dr. Abul Hasnat Md. Golam Azam

Dean, School  of Business and Economics.