Course Pre- Advising (Course Selection) & Final-Advising (Section & Time Selection) Notice of MIHRM Program for Fall 2022

Publish Date : 11th September, 2022




It is hereby notified that, the course pre-advising (course selection) & final advising (section / time selection) of MIHRM Program for Fall 2022 will continue from September 17, 2022 (Saturday) to September 23, 2022 (Friday).


Students are advised to read the following instructions carefully.

  • Students will not be allowed to complete final advising without course/teacher evaluation. Students must complete the course evaluation (if not yet done) before final advising (section/time selection) to unblock their final-advising option.
  • First complete course pre-advising (course selection) and then move to final-advising (section/time selection).
  • Please find attached herewith class routine of Fall 2022 trimester
  • Students are advised to follow the pre-advising (course selection) & final advising (section/time selection) instruction attached with this notice.
  • Select time & section very carefully. No DROP/CHANGE will be allowed after final advising (section/time selection).
  • If the Students are facing any difficulties during the pre-advising & final advising (course/section selection/conflict section), please contact the MIHRM program office (Md. Jahangir Alam, Room: 315,  Cell: 01922038882) during office time. In case, if you are eligible for course(s) waiver, please do not select that course(s).

** Please click the link below for seeking any kind of assistance from difference offices of the university (CITS Dept., Exam Controller’s Office, Accounts Dept., etc.).


MIHRM Program Office

School of Business & Economics, UIU


Instructions for Pre-advising (course selection) & Final -advising (section/time selection) in UCAM

All MBA & EMBA students are requested to complete their Pre-advising & Final -advising for Spring-2022 through the website:


How to Log in?

  1. Please visit and type your Student Id and password.
  2. If you forget your password or never logged in before, click ‘forget password’ link and put your Student ID there. A link to reset your password will be sent to your official email address. You can reset your password from that link.
  3. Any course related problem/Information please contact MBA/EMBA Program office (01922038882)


How to do Pre-advising (Course Selection)?

  1. To take new courses, go to Pre-advising (New Course) tab under Registration menu.
  2. To take retake courses, go to Pre-advising (Retake Course) tab under Registration menu.

In both cases click “Click to Take” button to take a course and click “Click to Remove” button to remove a course that you have already taken.


How to do Final-advising (section/time selection) ?

  1. After Login, Go to Registration > Section Selection & Registration.
  2. Click “Take” button under “Section” column to select a section for respective course.
  3. To remove selected section click on the “Remove” button under “Section Remove”
  4. To change a selected section click Change” button under “Section” and then select a section for respective course.

For Any Technical Problem, Please Contact

01676414541, 01745379745