Course Registration notice of MIHRM Students for FALL 2020 Trimester.

Publish Date : 17th October, 2020


Course Registration for Fall 2020 Trimester

Course registration for existing students (Self-registration)



All MIHRM Program existing students are advised to complete their course registration by themselves through UCAM from October 19, 2020 (Monday) to October 22, 2020 (Thursday). The last date of Course registration without fine is October 22, 2020 (Thursday). The last date of course drop is also October 22, 2020 (Thursday). Please read carefully the instruction of self-registration given in UIU website and UCAM.

The students of MIHRM Program who will be unable to make self-registration, are advised to contact with the official (Md. Alim Al Razi) of the program office from during 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM on above mentioned days. Students who want to retake/repeat any course are also asked to contact MIHRM Program Office.

Students will not be able to make self-registration for the following reasons:

  1. If Pre-Advising/Advising is not completed
  2. Students intending to take any Project/Dissertation
  3. Having ‘I’ grade in any course(s)
  4. Having Payment block (Not clearing outstanding dues )

Course registration for newly admitted students

** All newly admitted MIHRM program students of Fall 2020 trimester are requested to contact with the official on below mention schedule for complete their registration.

Registration Date Time Contact Person
October 19, 2020 (Monday)


October 22, 2020 (Thursday)


Time: 10:00 AM– 5:00 PM


Md. Alim Al Razi


Cell: 01913-344038


Please note that:

  • All MIHRM Newly admitted students are required to pay Tk. 15,000/- as a partial payment of tuition fees before registration.
  • All MIHRM existing students are required to pay all previous due before registration.
  • For other issues (Payment related query, billing, all types of block, ucam/elms/email password related issues, etc.), please click the following link to find out the contact details of concerned persons.

             Online Classes of Fall-2020 Begins from October 24, 2020 (Saturday).