Major Declaration Notice and Process Spring-2021

Publish Date : 27th November, 2020


Major Declaration Notice and Process


Students of BBA Program who have completed or are going to complete at least 69 Credit hours by FALL 2020 Trimester and have not declared their major yet are advised to declare their major by completing major declare form through their official e-mail from November 28, 2020 to December 03 , 2020. Major declaration is important to complete the advising process for the Spring 2021 trimester.

Existing Major Areas:

  1. Accounting

(Prerequisite:  Completed /running Management Accounting course)


  1. Finance

(Prerequisite: Completed /running Managerial Finance course)


  1. Human Resource Management

(Prerequisite: Completed /running Human Resources  Management course)


  1. 4. Marketing

(Prerequisite: Completed /running Marketing Management course)


  1. Management Information Systems

(Prerequisite: Completed /running E- Business course                               ( Upto Summer 2018)

Completed /running Programming Language Foundations (Fall 2018 and onward)


Newly offered Major Areas*



  1. 6. Supply Chain Management

(Prerequisite: Completed /running Marketing Management course)


  1. Business Analytics

(Prerequisite: Completed /running Business Analytics course)


  1. 8. Business Innovations and Entrepreneurship

(Prerequisite: Completed /running Human Resources Management course)


*Students admitted upto Summer 2018 will have to complete 7 (seven) courses instead of 6(six) from above mentioned new Major Areas.


Major Declaration Process:

  1. Download the major declare form.[Download]
  2. Fill up the whole form with necessary information.
  3. Write an email with email subject “Major declare_Spring 2021”
  4. Send your email to: /


## Students who want to take Economics as a Second Major are advised to contact with Mr. Shihab Mostafa, Senior Executive, Department of Economics, 01675835376,


N.B If any student fail to follow the above process, his/her major declaration will not be completed and accepted.