MIHRM Course Pre-Advising (Course Selection) Notice for Fall 2021 Trimester

Publish Date : 13th September, 2021


MIHRM Program

Notice for Course Pre-Advising (Course selection)

Fall 2021

It is hereby notified that, the Course Pre-Advising of MIHRM Program for Fall 2021 trimester will commence from September 14, 2021(Tuesday) to September 20, 2021(Monday).

Students could complete pre- advising via the internet. Students are advised to follow pre- advising instructions attached with this notice.

* List of offered courses for Fall 2021 trimester attached with this notice.

*  If you are eligible for course(s) waiver, please do not select that course(s).

* If any Students did not submit his/her necessary papers during admission or after admission in spite of giving notice several times and getting block during pre-advising, please contact the ecoffice@uiu.ac.bd for unblocking the master block (temporally)

* Students are suggested to feel free to contact for any course related problem/Information to the MIHRM program office (Mr. Alim Al Razi, Email: alim@admin.uiu.ac.bd, Cell: 01913344038)


Prof. Dr. F. A. Sobhani
MIHRM Program

Instructions for Pre-advising

MIHRM List of Offered Courses for Fall-2021 Trimester