Faculty Profile

Hasan, Saad, PhD

Associate Professor Email : saadhasan@bus.uiu.ac.bd

Dr. Saad Hasan is an academic, researcher and innovator. He is an Associate Professor in the School of Business and Economics, United International University, Bangladesh. Prior to that Dr. Hasan served as Senior Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Department of Operations and Supply Chain Management, American International University-Bangladesh. He is also a Chartered Member (CMILT) of Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transportation (CILT).

He completed his PhD degree in Supply Chain Management under a European Union funded FP7 project from the Open University, UK. In addition, he holds a MSc in Engineering Degree from the Lancaster University, UK. Dr. Hasan have teaching, research, project management, and coordination and delivery experience related to management, operations and supply chain in academic and industry settings in Europe and Bangladesh. As part of various projects, Dr. Hasan has collaborated with IMS Laboratory, University of Bordeaux; (France); BIBA (Germany), Institute of Manufacturing (Cambridge University, UK) and large electronic manufacturers such as Magneti Marelly Group (France) and Siegert Electronic GmbH (Germany). Some of the major research projects he has been involved with includes CONVERGE (EU funded), Etoile, (EU (funded), Unite (UK) etc. In addition, Dr. Hasan has provided research consultancy on energy efficiency and manufacturing during his tenure at the National Energy Foundation (UK). He has also published numerous peer reviewed research papers in international journals and conferences and have presented in prestigious events such as Solid Freeform Fabrication Conference (University of Austin at Texas, USA); International Purchasing and Supply Education and Research Association Conference (Venice, Italy), Japan Rapid Prototyping Symposium (Tokyo, Japan), RPDM (Lancaster, UK); EUROMOLD (Frankfurt, Germany), Logistics Research Network Conference (Northampton, UK) among others.

PhD, The Open University, UK
Research Area: Supply Chain Collaboration Strategies
The PhD research studied various supply chain relationships between companies and based on the findings proposes tactics to transit between different levels of collaboration in a relationship. The research in particular investigated sourcing related problems in international clothing supply chains and the European electronics industry. The investigation in this regard focused on intra-Organization and inter- organization processes; and restructuring of business functions.

MSc in Engineering  Lancaster University, UK

BSc in Computer Engineering, North South University, Bangladesh

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