Faculty Profile

Alam, Md. Shariful, Ph.D.

Professor & Deputy Director, BBA Program Mobile : +8801911291229Email : shariful@bus.uiu.ac.bd

Doctor of Philosophy(PhD)

Year of passing: 2013

Result: Marks obtained 91.80%

Faculty: Management School

Institution: Wuhan University of Technology

Wuhan, P.R.China

Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

Duration : 03 Years

Year of passing : 2008

Result : Marks obtained 88.10%

Faculty : Management School

Institution : Wuhan University of Technology

Wuhan, P.R.China


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

 Duration: 04 Years (08 Semesters)

Year of passing : 2004

Result: CGPA-3.78 (out of 4.00),

Department: Marketing, Faculty of Business Studies

Institution: University of Dhaka

Diploma in Chinese Language

Year of passing                        :           2010

Result                           :           Marks obtained 89%

Faculty                         :           Center of Teaching Chinese

Institution                      :           Wuhan University of Technology

Wuhan, P.R.China

Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC)

 Year                             :           Examination-1998

Group                           :           Commerce

Result                           :           1st division, 2nd position in combined merit list(Marks obtained: 80.60%)

Institution                      :           Govt. M.M. City College, Khulna


Secondary School Certificate (SSC)

 Year                             :           Examination-1996

Group                           :           Social Science

Result                           :           1st division, 8th position in combined merit list (Marks obtained: 84.20%)

Institution                      :           St. Joseph’s High School, Khulna



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Service Marketing, Service Quality, Brand Management, Consumer Behavior, Tourism.

Asst. Professor in School of Business and Economics, United International University since 2013

Lecturer in School of Business, Presidency University from 2008 to 2012

Awarded with Primary and Junior Scholarship (talent pool)

2nd and 8th position in HSC and SSC respectively

Awarded with SSC and HSC Scholarship

CSC scholarship for Masters and PhD