Faculty List

"Names are appeared in order of official rank and first alphabet of the last name"

Chhanda, Jerin Haque

Lecturer - HRMEmail : jerin@bus.uiu.ac.bd

Hoque, Md. Kazimul

Lecturer - ManagementEmail : kazimul@bus.uiu.ac.bd

Islam, Irtifa Tazkia

LecturerEmail : tazkia@bus.uiu.ac.bd

Islam, Yeasmin

Assistant Professor - ManagementEmail : yeasmin@bus.uiu.ac.bd

Karim, Ziaul

Lecturer - AISEmail : ziaul@bus.uiu.ac.bd

Mazumder, Rana

Assistant Professor - AISEmail : rana@bus.uiu.ac.bd

Mindia, Piana Monsur

Lecturer - HRM/ManagementEmail : piana@bus.uiu.ac.bd

Nodee, Mahpara

Lecturer - AISEmail : mahpara@bus.uiu.ac.bd

Sultana, Rezwana

Lecturer - PsychologyEmail : rezwana@bus.uiu.ac.bd

Amin, Raihan Uddin

Adjunct FacultyEmail : raihan@bus.uiu.ac.bd
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Uddin, Md. Helal

Adjunct FacultyEmail : helal_645@hotmail.com
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LecturerEmail : jakowan@bus.uiu.ac.bd