ADMISSION OPEN for Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Banking

Publish Date : 6th March, 2021

ADMISSION OPEN for Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Banking Summer 2021 (Online)


Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Banking (PGDIB)

In the banking system, Islamic banking services have undergone prolific growth over the last three decades in the global financial arena. Today, Islamic banking is already an existing and well-accepted format in the Middle Eastern countries, while it is evolving as an alternative model or framework in Western economies. Bangladesh is one of South East Asia’s emerging economies and has tremendous potential on the global map to be an important hub of Islamic banking.

The diploma in Islamic Banking is first of its kind with the intent to disseminate proper knowledge and expertise among the graduates to prepare them to enter in the global Islamic banking arena. It is aimed mainly at studies and professionals who are seeking to have more than a basic understanding of the concepts and operating principles that apply to different types of Islamic banking in comparison to conventional banking.  This diploma is going to offer a compact study material to get acquainted with the Islamic Banking structures and operations to meet the aspiration of rising local and foreign interest and concerns in the field of Islamic Banking.

Admission Requirements:

Minimum bachelor’s degree from any recognized university /college. However, bankers of both public

and private banks will be given preference.


Degree Requirements:

Students must complete all the required courses of the program designed by the university with a minimum of 2.5 CGPA.


Career Prospects/Potentials:

PGD in Islamic Banking offered by IBER is primarily intended to benefit those who wish to pursue a career in Islamic banking and to assist those who are already active in the sector in their ongoing and professional development.The course provides a strong starting point for unique career in the Islamic Banking industry. In particular, Bank Professionals, Professionals in Islamic Financial Institutions, Consultants for Islamic Banking, and other Islamic Banking Practitioners will be benefitted from this program.

Offering Trimester:

Spring, Summer and Fall.


Teaching Resources:

University professors and experienced corporate professionals.


Program Structure:

Course Titles Credit Hour
Trimester: 1 (about 12 weeks)
PGDIB 101: Islamic Financial Systems 3-Credit
PGDIB 102: Shariah Framework for Islamic Banking 3-Credit
PGDIB 103: Islamic Financial Instruments & Products 3-Credit
Total 9-Credit
Trimester: 2 (about 12 weeks)
PGDIB 201: Islamic Bank Fund Management 3-Credit
PGDIB 202: Risk Management in Islamic Banking 3-Credit
PGDIB203: Electronic & Internet Banking for Islamic Banks 3-Credit
Total 9-Credit
Total Credit 18-Credit


Waiver Policy:

25% waiver on Tuition fees will be given to each and every student of 1st batch.


Tuition Fees Breakdown:         

Admission Form:     Tk. 500.00

Admission Fee:        Tk. 10,000.00

Tuition fees:             Tk. 36,000.00

Total cost of the program: TK. 46,500.00


Mode of Payment:         


1st Installment:  Tk. 15,000 (At the time of admission)

2nd Installment: Tk.15,750 (Before the final examination of First Trimester)

3rd Installment:  Tk.15,750 (Before the final examination of Second Trimester)


Online Application Procedure:




Contact Details:

Md. Anisur Rahman

Executive, Institute of Business and Economic Research-IBER

IBER Office, Room-313, Level-3

Mobile: 01770152783;


United International University

Nusrat Farzana

Assistant Professor

United International University

Co-ordinator, PGDIB Program

Contact: 01913630489