Publish Date : April 23, 2024


Course Final Advising (Section & Time Selection) of BBA, BBA in AIS and BSECO Programs for Summer 2024 trimester will continue from April 28(Sunday), 2024 to May 04 (Saturday) 2024. It is to be noted that course Final Advising will start from 09:00 am. Students are advised to read the following instructions carefully.

  • Complete course/teacher evaluation a day before the Course Final Advising starts. Otherwise, no student will be able to make Course Final Advising (Section & Time Selection).
  • Please refer to the tentative mid-term and final examination routine of Summer 2024 trimester while selecting the sections in order to avoid time conflicts. (Examination routine is given in UCAM.)
  • Please refer to the class routine of Summer 2024 trimester for making early decision regarding selection of sections before final advising. (Download_Class routine Summer 2024)
  • Please contact with your advisor, the advisor’s name is available in UCAM.
  • Please refer to the instructions for final advising. (Given with this notice)

It is to be noted that students admitted in Summer 2024 trimester do not require course final advising. It will be done by the program office.

In case of any difficulties, students are advised to contact the officials of the Program Office from 09:00 am to 04:00 pm on above mentioned days except holidays.

Prof. Dr. Salma Karim

Director, BBA Program

Instructions for Final-advising (Section &Time Selection) in UCAM

All students are requested to complete their final-advising to following website:

How to Log in?

  1. Please visit and type your Student Id and password.
  2. If you forget your password or never logged in before, click ‘forget password’ link and put your Student ID there. A link to reset your password will be sent to your official email address. You can reset your password from that link.

How to do Final-advising?

  1. After Login, Go to Registration > Section Selection & Registration.
  2. Click “Take” button under “Section” column to select a section for respective course.
  3. To remove selected section click on the “Remove” button under “Section Remove” column.
  4. To change a selected section click Change” button under “Section”  and then select a section for respective course.

For any technical problem, please contact the CITS Department.
Center for IT Services (CITS), Room # 0525 (5th floor)