Course Offered list of MBA & EMBA Programs for Summer 2024 Trimester
Publish Date : March 23, 2024
United International University
MBA & EMBA Programs
Proposed List of Courses for Summer 2024
C.CodeCourse TitleCourse Status
ACC 502Financial AccountingFoundation Course
BUS 501Business CommunicationFoundation Course
BUS 503Business MathematicsFoundation Course
BUS 507Business LawFoundation Course
MGT 506Management & Organizational BehaviorFoundation Course
BUS 508Applied Business StatisticsFoundation Course
ECON 508/ ECON 512Micro Economics /Economics for ManagersFoundation Course
ECON 509MacroeconomicsFoundation Course
ACC 605Managerial AccountingFoundation Course
MIS 608E-BusinessFoundation Course
MKT 601Marketing ManagementFixed Core Course
FIN 602Managerial FinanceFixed Core Course
HRM 604Human Resource ManagementFixed Core Course
MGT 607Strategic ManagementIntegrative Course
OPM 603Operations ManagementFlexible Core Course
BUS 606International BusinessFlexible Core Course
MKT 611Consumer BehaviorMarketing Major Course
MKT 615Service MarketingMarketing Major Course
HRM 636Organization Design & DevelopmentHRM Major Course
HRM 648Learning & Development ManagementHRM Major Course
FIN 623Security Analysis & Portfolio ManagementFinance and Fintech Major Course
FIN 629Financial Statement AnalysisFinance and Fintech Major Course
ACC 612Advanced Financial Accounting IProfessional Accounting Major Course
FIN 629Financial Statement AnalysisProfessional Accounting Major Course
SCM 625Transportation and Warehouse ManagementSupply Chain Management Major Course
SCM 628Supply Chain AnalyticsSupply Chain Management Major Course
BSA 647Business Computer Languages Business Analytics Major Course
SCM 628Supply Chain Analytics Business Analytics Major Course
*All foundation course, Fixed Core course & Integrative course are compulsory for MBA/EMBA Students.
*Students can take Concentration / Major course if and only if they have completed foundation level BUS 501, ACC 502, BUS 503, MGT 506, BUS 507, BUS 508, ECON 508/ECON 512, ECON 509 courses & corresponding Fixed core course. Total complete =27 credits
*If less than 15 students are interested for any course the offering of that course may be cancelled and the students may be offered an alternative course during course advising/registration.
*Students can choose any one course from OPEN ELECTIVES – OPM 603:Operations Management /MIS 608: E-Business, for admitted Fall 2018 trimester to Fall 2020 trimester students.
*Students can choose any two courses from FLEXIBLE CORE COURSES – OPM 603: Operations Management /
BUS 606: International Business / BSA 640: Business Analytics, for admitted Spring 2021 & onwards.

Jahangir Alam
Sr. Executive, MBA & EMBA Programs
United International University