During the last few decades, the global business environment changed more than ever before. Globalization, increasing competition, technological advancement, service orientation and multicultural workplace made the business environment more complex. As a result, there has been a major change in the nature of managerial skills required to take up the challenge of today’s business. The Executive MBA program of UIU aims at developing the requisite skills of successful managers in the present business environment. It is an evening program. Classes start at 6.30 pm and end at 9.30 pm.



The candidates must fulfill the following requirements for admission in the Executive MBA program.

  1. Must have a Bachelor degree in any discipline from any recognized university.
  2. Should have minimum job experience of 2 years at the executive level.



  • A student must earn credits for at least 15 courses of 3 credit hours each (18 courses for CFA track students) for graduation. The residency requirement is 33 credit hours.
  • The student must secure a minimum CGPA of 2.00.



A student must have obtained at least a grade of B or equivalent in a similar course from any reputed institution for course waiver. Course waiver is allowed only for the foundation level courses. A student may be allowed course waiver up to 9 credit hours (3 courses)




Level of Courses Number of Courses Credits
Foundation Courses 6 18 Credits
Fixed Core Courses 3 09 Credits
Flexible Core Courses 2 06 Credits
Concentration Area Courses 3 09 Credits
Integrative Course 1 03 Credits
TOTAL 15 45 Credits



The teaching method for the Executive MBA program is a specialized one. Apart from classroom teaching, emphasis is placed more on case analysis, term papers, papers, presentations and classroom discussions on business problems in the real world. These are supplemented by group study, project paper and other practical works. Classrooms are equipped with multimedia projectors, OHPs and other instructional aids. The medium of instruction is English.



Students of the EMBA program can choose one of the following 6 areas of concentration.

Marketing                                                  Finance

Human Resource Management            Management Information System

Operations Management                       Professional Accounting

Bank Management                                  Microfinance


All foundation, functional and integrative courses are compulsory for the Executive MBA program. Students have to choose four concentration courses in a particular area. However, a student can take an open elective course in lieu of a concentration course.