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Master of Science in Economics

Master of Science(MS) in Economics at UIU is designed to equip students to pursue higher studies in Economics in any North American or equivalent universities.  A conscious emphasis is given in teaching applied economics courses to help our graduates meet the challenges of designing and evaluating policies. This blend is unique in Bangladesh and will help in grooming our graduates for policy level jobs.


  • A minimum CGPA of 2.0
  • Completion of 30 credits


MS in Economics is a 30 credit program with option for a research monograph or an MS Thesis at the end.  Ideally it should take one year to complete the course requirements plus one semester to complete the thesis/research monograph.


There are three components of the program :

  1. Core Course (4 x 3 = 12 credits)
  2. Elective Economics Courses (4 x 3 = 12 credits)
  3. Thesis(1x 6= 6  credits)/ Research Paper (1 x 3= 3 credits)*

*Students opting for Research Paper shall have to do 5 elective economics courses.

Course/credit requirement

  • Duration of the program : 4 trimester
  • Total Credits : 30 credits

Program Structure:

TitleNumber of CoursesNumber of Credits
Core Courses412 Credits
Elective Economics Courses (choose any four or five)4 or 512/15 Credits
Thesis/Research13/ 6 Credits 
Total9/1030 Credits

Course Summary

Core Courses
ECO 501: Advanced Microeconomics
ECO 502: Advanced Macroeconomics
ECO 572: Econometrics I
ECO 550: Advanced Development Economics
Open Elective Course
 ECO 512: Energy Economics and Policy
ECO 540: Urban Economics
ECO 610: Industrial Organization
ECO 515: Applied Econometrics
ECO 516: Economic Analysis and Public Policy   
 ECO 620: Economics of Natural resources
ECO 625: Public Finance
ECO 627: Behavioral and Institutional Economics
ECO 650: Labor Economics I
ECO 651: Labor Economics II
ECO 660: Economics of Technology
ECO 670: Financial Economics I
ECO 671: Financial Economics II
ECO 672: Advanced Econometrics
ECO 673: Time Series Econometrics
ECO 677: International Finance
ECO 683: International Trade I
ECO 684: International Trade II
ECO 688: Seminar in Economics
ECO 514: Topics in Development Economics
ECO 685: Economics of Climate Change
FIN 638: Fintech
Thesis/Research Paper
Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
ECO 795Research Paper3
ECO 799Thesis6

Students enrolled after Summer 18 will find their course summary in the link below-

Course Plan

SlCourse Title Status
1st Trimester
1Advanced Microeconomics
2Elective Course – 1
3Elective Course – 2
2nd Trimester
4Advanced Macroeconomics
5Elective Course – 3
6Elective Course – 4
3rd Trimester
7Econometrics I
8Advanced Development Economics
9Elective Course – 5 (If Student Take Research Paper)
4th Trimester
 Thesis / Research Paper

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